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  • I’m delighted to announce the winner of the first months Mailing Lister’s ‘Magnificent Musings’ competition. Those of you who’ve been to a show since late May or June will already know about this, but for those who don’t – The ‘share the love’ column of the mailing lists has thrown up some fairly entertaining, insightful, and heart warming messages, funnies, and poems over the last 12 months. Thank you to all who’ve approached it in the spirit intended, which is simply a playful bit of fun!

    Reading through them has inspired me to open it up as a competition. Each month, the winner of the best entry chosen will win themselves a copy of my next record ‘Declan O’Rourke – ‘In Full Colour‘ out October 28th. More on that to follow…

    As an example of how great some of these entries have been, check out this gem from one luminous soul who attended the show at the Fiddlers Green Festival in Rostrevor last year, and it seems was responding to ‘Sketch of a Cave’ and its accompanying story whilst holding the clipboard:

    “Caves. Graves of rock pock marked by fingers whose oil lingers long after their owners have left to dip them in a bag of greasy chips”

    Brilliant ha?? Although so many were great throughout, I thought this entry stood out amongst others and I’m sure you’ll agree is worthy of a back dated prize too! So congrats and thanks to Tracy Dempsey on that.

    But back to the present – and the winning entry for June goes to:

    Michael, simply ‘Michael’ who swears he wrote:
    Ali is gone but Declan sings on!

    This was before I even mentioned the great man, or sang about him, at the ‘Foxford Wollen mills’ gig. Flattery won’t get you everywhere Michael but it just won you a copy of album number 5!

    Some other entries worthy of note throughout June:

    Colin Raftery / Foxford Woolen Mills / 5 June
    When a dog sees a police dog does it get nervous?

    Dale Smith / Carnegie Hall / Shetlands / 17 June
    I went to Iceland. Hoped to see Bjork. But I had to settle for Declan O’Rourke. In hindsight I’m glad that I never met her. Cause DOR turned out to be a lot better

    (More plámásing of the highest order but catchy haha… He should have finished after line 3).

    Caz Cave / Campbells tavern / Headford / 24 June
    Thanks for the spider’ I have named him Walter 😃’
    (you’re welcome Caz!)

  • This also gives me a chance to let everyone know that I have a new record coming out October 28th. It’s called ‘Declan O’Rourke – In Full Colour’ have you heard of it!? :)This record consists of 16 songs, recorded with a 50 piece orchestra (The RTÉ Concert Orchestra). 12 of the 16 songs are material drawn from across my 4 previous records, re-imagined and re-recorded for this scenario, along with 4 new songs.

    I know most of you will want to make an event of it and camp outside the shops overnight that week, but here’s the link to where you can pre-order it if you want to get your free instant download of ‘Children Of 16’ from the same record! (available on iTunes only).



  • Nearly ready to kick off again. It feels like I’m not long back, it’s lucky I like goin so much! So, lookin’ forward to hitting the east coast again with Uncle Eddie at the wheel.

    Here are the dates in September. Spread the word…

    9th – Irish Arts Centre, NYC

    10th – Irish Arts Centre, NYC

    11th – Stage One FTC, CT

    14th – Support to John Prine, The Birchmere, Washington D.C.

    TBC Philadelphia, PA

    16th – Baltimore, Our Daily Bread, MD

    17th – Tellus 360, Lancaster, PA

    24th – Winston-Salem Guvner’s Ball, NC

    25th – Winston-Salem, Raleigh

    (A few more to be confirmed / announced so watch this space…)


  • Please check out our regular listings here to find a concert near you this summer.

    Cheers, that’s all for now



27 thoughts on “News

  1. Just received my album.
    have to say….this guy has serious talant.
    Its like when you hear luke kelly…..christy moore…..paddy casey……Declan is up there
    I still think he needs to keep banging those cd’s out. As a fellow songwriter……I know its all money…..the reason I cant in
    But he is the best I have heard in many years…..I have been to lots of hus concerts..absolutly brilliant……but people need to more of this genius…..I know he has over 60 songs ready to roll
    so Declan……get out there…..and in 20 yrs time…. you will still be filling venues… our own great christy moore

  2. Brilliant song Declan
    Saw you singing Getting Married in The White Horse in cork a while back.
    Looking forward to seeing you there again soon.

  3. Gold bars in the Sun – brilliant – a song that can transport you mentally to any place you want to be . I hope the rest of my Sunday is as good

  4. A beautiful song, so full of wonderful imagery and very emotive. I especially love the image of the stacked bales of hay looking like “Gold Bars in the Sun”, fantastic! This song will surely be adopted by many of our emigrants living abroad and pining for home.

  5. Beautiful song with wonderful imagery and very emotive – particularly love the stacked bales of hay looking like “Gold Bars” in the Sun image. This song will surely be adopted by many of our emigrants living abroad.

  6. A beautiful, beautiful song. What a brilliant talent you are, Declan. Really looking forward to the album very much!

  7. Beautiful! A sense of calm for the day now after hearing this…one album I am really looking forward to buying!

  8. We just listened to your song “Gold Bars in the Sun”. We were really moved by your voice, the words and the melody. Thank you, we loved it!!

  9. As was sung by Paul Rodgers and Bad Company many many years ago, “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love”, Declan. Thanks so much for making the day for everyone who has received this new wonderful new song. I “LUST” for the “CD AND Vinyl copies”, and seeing you once again. Peace and Safety, bro., bs

  10. Great song writing workshop and gig in Listowel really enjoyed it.
    Love “Gold Bars in the Sun” is one of your best looking forward to the album esp. vinyl.
    Come back to Listowel soon.

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