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  • Gold Bars In The Sun 26/12/15  – Press Release
    Gold Bars In The Sun’, launched digitally to the public on 26th December, is a record consisting of ten brand new DOR songs.

    The songs vary from the raw and epic title track ‘Gold Bars In The Sun‘, through some retro, and often quirky offerings, such as ‘Yellow Moon’ and ‘Woncha’, and all the way to ‘Birds In The Sky’ a wistful call to conservation. Accompanied by various brilliant musicians on all, one of the stand out tracks is the duet ‘Lets Make Big Love‘ on which Declan is joined by none other than the great, golden-tongued John Prine for some, fun-filled recitation.

    Seven of the ten songs were part of a collection released exclusively to subscribers of a live mailing list (compiled specifically for the project). Tracks were sent out with a newsletter, one month at a time over twelve from late 2014 and late 2015.

    The ‘Howlin Lowly Moons‘ project as it was known, was an attempt to circumvent some of the obstacles an independent artist encounters in the modern age, such as lack of retail outlets, diminished investment in mid-level artists, and in response to changing trends in the ways people interact with artists and their music.

    Further than that, O’Rourke sought to find a method of getting music out there faster than this generation is accustomed to releasing it. This was an obstacle the artist felt he needed to address upon finding himself in the position of having an excess of material, built up over years, that was waiting in an ever-growing queue to be committed to record, and literally ‘released’.

    The accepted norm these days is one record of 10-12 tracks every 2-4 years on average. O’Rourke proposed that releasing one song every month would speed up the process by up to three or four times!

    Growing and nourishing the relationship between the artist and lovers of his music via direct connection was the logical approach, and worked in both directions. The material released over the twelve months was given free, exclusively and directly to subscribers of the project, and could not be found anywhere else for the duration.

    The fact that the project spring-boarded into a long playing record was incidental, and given over to demand by some of the 10,000+ subscribers to make the material available in physical form. At that point, the best seven of the twelve were selected, and three brand new songs added.
    Gold Bars In The Sun’, made available on CD and Vinyl in late 2015, via pre-order, was the result. Of course the same subscribers had first dibs on that.

    Now its time for everyone else, and the full length record will go live to iTunes, amazon, etc etc on December 26th. Physical copies can still be ordered via Declan’s Online Store.

    Where to next?
    The processes of actually compiling and manufacturing the record, (not to mention Declan’s actual getting married in late 2015!) put a hold on the song a month project back in August but O’Rourke has shown indications he may well fire it back up again early in 2016.

    Anybody interested can subscribe for free to the mailing list at 

    Gold Bars In The Sun

  • In April 2015, a commemorative service was held in city quay church, to officially acknowledge 40 civilian children who were killed in and around Dublin during Easter week of 1916.

    These children were mostly killed in crossfire, by bullets from both sides.
    The rebel side took a very harsh view of looters, as part of the ethos of a new republic. Anyone seen on the streets could be seen as potentially taking part, and often were. The British were no less militant in their duty to enforce a curfew on the streets at the same time, so it was left for these children to run the gauntlet in going about their regular day to day activities, which saw them escape the cramped and impoverished tenement  buildings to find mischief and scavenge around the streets for a lump of coal, or a chunk of bread.

    With a curfew in effect all week, those killed where taken away quickly, and there were virtually no funeral services held for the Civilian dead. Most of these dead, were interred, together, in one large unmarked grave at Glasnevin cemetery. After 99 years this grave still remains unmarked.

    This came to the attention of Joe Duffy, one of Ireland’s best known radio personalities, in the build up to the commemorative excitement.  He himself decided that if we are to commemorate 2016 as the 100th anniversary of the birth of our nation as we know it, then we surely must acknowledge those who lost their lives as a result of it. We know the names of our heroes, but what about the innocents?

    After finding some 40 of these children, buried and lost in the archives, the idea of a multi-denominational service was put into action. Joe invited Declan to perform at the service, and the invitation was accepted. After some discussion as to what might be an appropriate piece to mark such a moment, and the lack thereof, Declan naturally took up the challenge to write a song.

    Children of ’16, is the result; a song written to suit both the solemnity of the occasion, and indeed as a study of the impact of 1916 as a whole on Ireland then, and for all generations of Irish who have followed since, who are in essence, the children of 1916.
    Children of ’16 (accompanied by full orchestra) is a single from the forthcoming record ‘Declan O’Rourke – In Full Colour’ (due for release in 2016).

    The single goes live across all well known digital music platforms including iTunes, amazon, spotify etc on 1st of January 2016, and includes a live stripped down version of the song, as performed by ‘The New Triangle’ at the Pavilion theatre, Dun Laoghaire, in October 2015.
    Physical hard copies can be ordered from the online store

    Children of 16
  • As of DECember 26th, you can check out the brand new video for ‘Gold Bars In The Sun’, title track from Declan’s 4th record.

    The video was shot and directed by Jaro Kostkova this summer

  • Hi everyone. I hope you’re having a great Christmas and holiday season :)
    Its been an extremely productive, and fulfilling year for me.
    This Christmas has been a new experience for me. This will be my first one as a married man!
    Eimear and I are looking forward to the well earned break.

    I am also be enjoying my first Vegan christmas. You’ve probably heard the joke I keep hearing lately –

    Q: How do you know someone is a Vegan? 
    A: They’ll tell you! Over and over, and over :)

    Anyway, make sure you enjoy whatever it is you’re eating and pull a christmas cracker for me!

    Thank you all for your support this year, (and for your patience) if you ordered a copy of the new record from us. I am delighted with the response to it so far.
    FYI all pre-ordered, and new orders for CDs have now been processed, so here’s to you enjoying those over Christmas. Those who ordered vinyl will have to wait just a little longer, but the Magnetic mastering plant in France has assured us its on the way! I cannot wait to get my hands on it too, believe me!

    2016 – 
    Next year we have lots of great surprises coming for you. I intend to be as busy as I was this year, (if not busier!) and to keep delivering new music, and recordings.

    Tours and concerts galore, including trips to Scotland, Austria, Australia, and America all in the first 4 months.
    Thats just to start…
    Anyway, we’ll see ye there!


    DOR xx


Season's Greetings

30 thoughts on “News

  1. Great song writing workshop and gig in Listowel really enjoyed it.
    Love “Gold Bars in the Sun” is one of your best looking forward to the album esp. vinyl.
    Come back to Listowel soon.

  2. As was sung by Paul Rodgers and Bad Company many many years ago, “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love”, Declan. Thanks so much for making the day for everyone who has received this new wonderful new song. I “LUST” for the “CD AND Vinyl copies”, and seeing you once again. Peace and Safety, bro., bs

  3. We just listened to your song “Gold Bars in the Sun”. We were really moved by your voice, the words and the melody. Thank you, we loved it!!

  4. Beautiful! A sense of calm for the day now after hearing this…one album I am really looking forward to buying!

  5. A beautiful, beautiful song. What a brilliant talent you are, Declan. Really looking forward to the album very much!

  6. Beautiful song with wonderful imagery and very emotive – particularly love the stacked bales of hay looking like “Gold Bars” in the Sun image. This song will surely be adopted by many of our emigrants living abroad.

  7. A beautiful song, so full of wonderful imagery and very emotive. I especially love the image of the stacked bales of hay looking like “Gold Bars in the Sun”, fantastic! This song will surely be adopted by many of our emigrants living abroad and pining for home.

  8. Gold bars in the Sun – brilliant – a song that can transport you mentally to any place you want to be . I hope the rest of my Sunday is as good

  9. Brilliant song Declan
    Saw you singing Getting Married in The White Horse in cork a while back.
    Looking forward to seeing you there again soon.

    1. yo paul
      i`m still waiting also……… you see, you are not the only one……waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and………..

      1. Hi Mark

        thanks for replying….at least I now know Im not the only one who havnt received ‘the album’
        Im dissapointed in Declan…..and his staff for not updating on on non-delivery of the album…..I go to a lot of his concerts…..and will continue to do so…… but this really is bad form!!!!

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