Gold Bars In The Sun

Declan’s fourth studio album, Gold Bars in the Sun, will be released in November, and will be exclusively available to purchase through this website. The songs featured on this album represent some of Declan’s finest compositions to date, including ‘Yellow Moon,’ ‘Let’s Make Big Love’ featuring John Prine and the Milk Spots, ‘Woncha,’ and the title track ‘Gold Bars in the Sun.’  Also featuring stunning artwork by renowned Irish artist David Rooney, Gold Bars in the Sun can be pre-purchased now on CD and vinyl*, while stocks last, only on

Pre-purchase now to avail of the 33% discount on the album’s RRP, and we’ll mail your copy of Gold Bars in the Sun directly to your door in time for the album launch this 15th October.  We’re delivering to 33 different countries around the globe, including Australia, USA, UK, France, Germany, United Arab Emirates and South Africa.   You can also get your hands on a small number of vinyl* copies of Gold Bars in the Sun.  But be sure to get in early and reserve your copy now.

The pre-sale runs until the 1st of October, or while stocks last.  Visit Declan’s STORE page here.  Happy shopping!

* Each vinyl purchase includes a voucher for a free digital download of the album


24 thoughts on “Gold Bars In The Sun

  1. Hi Declan, very much looking forward to the album. I was wondering if I bought the vinyl version would it come with a digital download too?

  2. Hi Declan

    I came to The Rabbit Hole with Chris a few months ago and she’s bought me your first album for my birthday.
    I have a request……as I was singing along to ‘Sarah’ along the narrow lanes of Berkshire the other evening…I thought…I would love to sing it with you arrrrh there, I’ve said it…..I have a ticket for the Islington next week and I promise that…I do not want to get into showbiz ….I love it that you sing from such a big heart and it would make my day…and….it is my birthday next week!!

    I’ll understand, if you consider this a crackpot request… I was practising Galileo and that lovely Sea Song and of the three, I thought I’d love to sing ‘Sarah’. We have a Samoyed dog called Kai, he has a smiley mouth and a curly tail and you can spin his fur and knit with it …ha haaaaaa The breed hail from a cold Russian place, Siberia and they are used to herding raindeer and living with tribespeople.

    Love and best wishes


    I have a ticket for The

  3. I heard you on abc radio yesterday – they played your entire album and you are amazing!! A great find. I will be looking out for any live shows in syd :)

  4. We saw you on Friday night at the Stendhal festival near limavady and it was magical,I think you weren’t sure what to expect in a muddy field and in a tent but you had everyone singin the chorus to quite a few songs,your music has an appeal to everyone no matter what their background so thank you so much for a great evening.

  5. Hi Declan,
    I heard you the first time in Rostrevor, when I visited the Fiddlersgreen Festival. Great concert, great new experience for me to hear a new way of composing and playing Irish Folk. Will the “New Triangel” also play in Germany? Where can I get Infos about concerts of my “Old Hero” John Sheahan, Damien Dempsey and you?

    Looking forward to your new cd and hopefully your next concert, alone or with your comrades.

    Jupp Fahle, Dortmund, Germany

  6. Really looking forward to the new album Declan, the recent show in the White Horse, Ballincollig has served to whet the appetite for the new songs, and it was great to chat with you afterwards. Looking forward to your contributions to the upcoming Centenary commemorations as well. And if you need a backing vocalist at some stage who has a baritone voice you can give me a call! Good luck with the album release.

  7. Hi Declan – will be getting this asap – just wondering if The You Know will be on this album?Sorry to have missed you in London recently. Hope you will be back soon.

  8. Magic in Mohill – Declan, a truly magnificent gig in St. Mary’s Church. Wishing you & your partner a truly wonderful Wedding next week. Looking forward to catching “The New Triangle” & of course yourself again soon. Children of ’16 is Monumental Declan.

  9. Hi Declan,

    please would you be able to play near Reading ?
    Nettlebed Folk Club is beautiful, also Reading Town Hall or RISC in Reading and The Anvil in Basingstoke too

    your music is wonderful, thank you


  10. Hi Declan
    good luck on your big day.
    may your marriage be filled with love, humility and understanding and happiness.

  11. I would really like to buy your album Since Kyabram as I have misplaced the one I had. . Please let me know where it can be purchased. .


    1. Hi Maria,

      If you’re based in Ireland, HMV and Golden Discs will still be carrying some stock. If outside Ireland, is your best bet. Some of their third party sellers are offering new copies for sale.

  12. Saw you again at Stendall . Brill . Have my tickets booked for Gold Bars launch on 2nd Oct in Limavady Arts Centre . What did you think of the Derry Bog Wood ? Can I pick up a copy of the new album on Oct. 2nd . Looking forward to a great nights music !
    Barney .

  13. I was looking at your tour schedule, I know you’re incredibly busy, but no show in Winston-Salem, North Carolina this year?😳 Love your music! 😊

      1. Hi Declan
        I did hear there’s s kinda delay on the delivery on new cd/album……just roughly when can I expect it to arrive?
        Really looking forward to it
        thanks Declan

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